In memory of


Azizullah’s mother and

three siblings

Misha Khan’s 3 children


died between 5-6 A.M. on October 11, 2001

in the mountain, dirt-poor farming village of Karam in the Torghar mountains. The Reuters reporter, Zeeshan Haider, visited the 450-bed Sihad-I-Amma Public Health Center in Jalalabad where he was told how two waves of U.S. attack planes bombed the village of Karam. Azizullah Khan, 18 mos., was injured and was being tended to by his father who said his wife and three other children were killed. Misha Khan was taking care of his one-year-old son, Ali Khan, whose legs were broken. Misha lost his wife and three other children, all killed in their sleep.

A U.S. “precision” air strike .