In Sympathy for


Jan Bibi, 1

Azizullah, 1

A child 2 mos old

Samina, 5

Ahmanzai, injured man

An injured woman whose 2 children were killed

injured in the early morning of October 11, 2001 

in the small mountain village of Karam, 50 kms west of Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province. The above are some of bombing victims treated at Jalalabad’s hospital who were seen by Kathy Gannon and Enric Marti. Marti’s photographs of Jan Bibi and Azizullah were published. One year old Azizullah lies in his uncle’s arms (Ahmanzai), both of them with bandaged burns and injuries from the U.S. “precision” bombs. Doctors showed the visitors a woman enveloped in a black shawl with a serious head injury suffered in the same attack that killed her two children.

 Victims of U.S. “precision” bombing runs upon Karam