In memory of and in Sympathy for


Azizullah Mawlawizada, killed

Ghulam Reza, injured

Ashuqullah Wafa, injured

on Saturday, June 16, 2007


in western Kabul. After a suicide bomb explosion on a convoy of DynCorp contractors in three SUVs, a panicked U.S occupation soldier in a Humvee opened fire with a machine gun on people, killing one and injuring at least two others. Ghulam and Reza, workers at a salt factory, were shot on the street in front of the factory. Their friend, Azizullah, was killed by US/NATO bullets. Reza, 28, was hit in his back, explained,

 “Sometimes we think they are trying to invade our country, that they just do not like us…I saw them. They didn’t care. Sometimes it comes to my mind that I am Muslim and they are not. And that is why they shot me and that is why they don’t care.”

 The photo above shows Mohammad Zia weeping in his Kabul home as he talked about his son Azizullah (Jean Chung photo for the Los Angeles Times).

 The shooting led to a demonstration with people chanting “Death to America.” The U.S. military propaganda machine through a Colonel David Accetta concocted the incredulous tale that the U.S. soldier accidentally discharged his weapon (only an American could believe such nonsense). The Kabul deputy police chief dutifully echoed his mentors: the American soldier in a Humvee "mistakenly" opened fire on the crowd after the suicide attack, killing one civilian and wounding three, said Zalmai Khan, deputy Kabul police chief.


Killed and wounded by a U.S. occupation soldier firing his machine gun