In memory of


Azi Mala, 10

Shapery, 10

Gul Agha, 45

Aji Agha Pather 60

Sami, 10, his son

died around noon on November 17, 2001

in the village of Ainger near Khanabad. U.S war planes dropped 4 cluster bombs on the village; three fell in residential areas, killing 5 civilians, in three different homes. Azi Mala, 10, was wounded and died later in the hospital and Shapery, 10, died at once. The owner of a second home, Gul Agha, 45, was killed while working. In 6the third home, Aji Agha Pather, 60, and his son Sami, 10, were killed.

U.S war planes drop cluster bombs on village homes