In memory of


Aymal, 8, a boy

Ajmad, 3, a boy

died in the pre-dawn hours of November 23, 2001

in the Darunta village area 12 kms west of Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province. Since October 7th, U.S warplanes repeatedly bombed the Darunta area where a series of foreign militant camps existed. Before dawn, three 1,000 lb U.S bombs hit the dirt mountain area, causing a shock wave which killed 2 young boys. A villager, My Han, said, “two boys, Aymal and Ajmal, aged 8 and 3, were killed in their house. Many of the people of Darunta village (later) went to Laghman for the funeral and prayers.” Jalil Khan, an Eastern Alliance guard, observed “Osama is not here, so why do the Americans keep bombing here?”

U.S warplanes drop three 1,000 lb bombs