In memory of and sympathy for


A woman, killed

An entire village detained for 4 days by 10th Mountain Division occupation forces

killed in the morning of March 19, 2004



in the village of Miam Do, Uruzgan Province, located 40 kms northwest of Tarin Kot. A U.S-led patrol came under fire in the early morning of March 18th and again the next day. As usual close air support (CAS) was summoned. A massive aerial bombardment involving an AC-130 gunship, a B1-B bomber and two A-10 Warthogs ensued which destroyed “compounds.” When the occupation ground forces sifted through the rubble, they allegedly discovered four bodies - three “enemy fighters” and a woman. U.S. occupation soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division then detained Miam Do’s entire population for four days. A U.S. officer beat and choked several residents while interrogating them and trying to identify local militants who might know the whereabouts of Mullah Berader, a close associate of Mullah Omar.


Killed in aerial bombing and strafing by an AC-130, a B1-B dropping three 2,000-lb bombs, and two A-10’s dropping two Mark-82 500-lb bombs and firing their 30 mm Gatling cannons.