In memory of


A woman

A man

[Nine Afghan policemen]

killed on Thursday, January 24, 2008

 in a village outside Ghazni city. A US/NATO air strike targeted a vehicle and some houses, killing [precisely] Afghan police in the vehicle and civilians in the homes. Dr. Ismail Ibrahimzai, the head of the local public health department told reporters “Nine police, including an officer, two civilians, one of them a woman, were killed in the raid." One unnamed policeman said "All of a sudden the Americans opened fire at us and immediately four policemen were killed including our chief.” Adding "Helicopters then came to the area and fired into buildings." U.S. occupation forces also abducted eight locals to a fate unknown. Some 200 villagers marched to Ghazni to protest the air strike. They chanted slogans against the Karzai regime and “Death to America”:


Again, the wire service headlines are revealing:

Reuters: “U.S-led air raid kills 11 in Afghanistan: doctor”

Associated Press: “8 Police Killed in Afghan Operation”

Press TV (Iran): “Afghans Protest US Raid on Ghazni”

The Associated Press as usual downplayed civilian deaths.


Killed precisely in a US/NATO air strike