In memory of

A woman

At least 3 other civilians killed

Another 4 civilians wounded

during the day-long aerial bombing on Sunday, September 16, 2007


A NATO occupation force convoy came under attack as it passed through the village of Gaz (or Wazbeen?), Sarobi district part of Kabul province, east of Kabul on the highway to Jalalabad. As usual, close air support was called in, which bombed at least two homes in Gaz according to the district police chief. The NATO/US bombing began at 9:30 AM and continued throughout the day. Hundreds of families fled the village. At least four civilians from one family were killed including one woman. A spokesperson for the ISAF occupation forces said predictably they had no information about an air strike in Sarobi. Denial is always the first-line of defense taken by the occupation forces seeking to manage the news and hide civilian deaths.

 Killed by NATO/US “precision” bombing and attack helicopters