In memory of and sympathy for


A woman

A child

Several men

2 children wounded


on early Friday, October 5, 2007


in a compound in the Waza Khwa district of Paktika Province. US and Polish occupation forces maintain a forward operating base (FOB) in Waza Khwa. US-led occupation soldiers seeking to raid a compound received return fire. A firefight ensued in which several occupation soldiers were injured. “Precision munitions” (meaning presumably air strikes) were then used which leveled a home. Reuters’ Abdul Qudos spoke with a local police official who claimed that eight people were killed in the attack including civilians. Two children were wounded.


The first response of the US-led forces was to deny any civilians were killed. When faced with an inability to limit contrary reports, they backed off, claiming that Taliban militants had been killed as well as one child, a woman and several adult males.

The independent news wire agency, Pajhwok Afghan News, reported that the security chief of the province, Faruq Sangari, said the dead included women and men while 3 more people had sustained injuries. He said hands of those found dead were tied behind with a rope. He added that 4 “coalition” soldiers were wounded. The Associated Press (A.P.) report (by Fisnik Abrashi) at 7:57 PM GMT merely parroted the official U.S. military version mentioning nothing about how locals described the incident and trotted out the usual pabulum about Taliban “using civilians as cover.” Rahim Faiez of the A.P. later regurgitated the very same account even though other evidence was then widely available.


The “coalition” (of the bribed) announced (to the gullible) that an investigation would be carried out (by, of course, the U.S. military)


Killed by occupation forces “precision munitions”