In memory of


A woman

A child

around July 10, 2007


in a three-story home in Abas Ghar overlooking the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province. US occupation troops of the 173rd Airborne Brigade based at the Korengal Outpost fire base had been fired upon for some time. On July 10th, after suffering two injured soldiers, Captain Dan Kearney of the 173rd decided to attack resistance fighters holed up in a three-story building belonging to Haji Matin, a wealthy timber smuggler sympathetic to the resistance. Using their scopes, Kearney and his troops could see people in the home. He saw a woman and a child in the house. An Apache attack helicopter was fired upon from the house, but turned away. Finally, Kearney’s unit fired a Javelin and a Tow armor piercing missile at the home. In Kearney’s own words, “I ended up killing that woman and kid…but I didn’t get shot at from there for two months.” Village elders declared Jihad against American forces in the valley. Details gathered from stories filed by Sebastian Junger and Elizabeth Rubin.


Killed by two armor-piercing missiles fired by US soldiers under Capt. Dan Kearney