In Memory of


A woman

4 children


died on May 5, 2003

in the Khogiani district of Nangarhar Province from the after-effects of anti-poppy aerial spraying, no doubt carried out be either U.S. or British forces. A poppy farmer, Abdul Qadeer, told the Afghan Islamic Press that unidentified low-flying planes sprayed the district and left a very pungent odor. A few days later, his poppy plants were decaying. He reported that a woman in the neighboring village of Manogi died soon after eating a plum. Four children died in Marikikhel village after eating fruit, he said. Luke Harding of The Guardian reported similar spraying at the time of Zafar Khel village, high up in the mountains about 2 hours’ drive from Tora Bora.

Poisonous aerial crop-spraying by U.S. or U.K. unidentified small planes