In memory of and sympathy for


A truck driver

A passenger

Woman wounded

~5-yr old girl wounded

~5-yr old boy wounded

on December 8, 2007


Killed and injured by American occupation forces in the hamlet of Deh Zohr-e-Sofia on the outskirts of Musa Qala, Helmand. The fight to retake the town from the Taliban is one of the most lopsided in the six year war, pitting some 200 Taliban against over 6,000 US/NATO/Afghan troops supported with heavy air power. No doubt it will also be a major mainstream media event. Thanks to the independent reporting of Stephen Grey (in The Times), we are getting a glimpse of how Afghan civilians are faring. Desperate Afghan civilians had been fleeing a firefight between US occupation troops and resistance fighters. Grey wrote, “Their flight took them directly towards two US Humvees parked by the side of the road. The Americans, thinking they were under attack from a suicide bomber, opened fire, killing the driver and a passenger in the truck. Three others were injured: a woman with a bullet wound in her face, a boy who was shot in the arm and a girl with a serious gash in her side. The children were both about five years old…the battle went on all afternoon.” As usual, the Afghan puppet regime’s General Zaher Azimi trotted out the pabulum that the civilians who died were being used as human shields by the Taliban. Aerial bombardment was fierce involving F-16s, Apache attack helicopters and a B-1B. Some aircraft were redeployed from Iraq.


Killed and injured by US occupation soldiers’ fire from Humvees