In memory of and sympathy for


At least two children killed

Four children injured

Two women injured

on Sunday, August 5, 2007


in a village north of the British base in Sangin, Helmand Province. NATO warplanes had bombed some compounds during a battle with the Taliban resistance, killing and injuring villagers. Parents had brought four injured girls to be treated at the British base after burying two children. Two injured women also arrived. Mark Townsend wrote in The Observer, “…I saw the damage being done in the battle for hearts and minds. In the British headquarters a girl was brought in by her family. She lay on the table, blood leaking from her tiny frame. Occasionally her body would convulse, her screams reverberating around the base. On either side, three of her siblings whimpered. They too had been lacerated by falling masonry after a US bomber strafed their home….bombed by their would-be liberators, their parents had passed the bloodied bundles of their remaining children to the British army to save them.”


Bombed by US/NATO close air support