In memory of and sympathy for



At least one woman

Three children (incl. Taj Muhammad)

Another 8-11 civilians

at 8:45 PM, May 14, 2008

 in the hamlet of Khaza, Damadola district of the Bajaur region near the Afghan border. A US Predator drone fired two Hellfire missiles at homes. The alleged target was the compound comprising two male guesthouses of one Maulvi Abdullah. 12-20 people were believed to have been killed, including three children, a woman, and possibly some ‘militants’ according to angry residents. Many others were wounded. Rehmatullah Khan, a villager, said “It’s barbaric. They were innocent people.” Although this is a region where Islamic militants are known to operate, there was little evidence to show that any of those killed were associated with the Taliban. The strike was the first since the formation of the new Pakistan government. The house, an adjoining mosque, and a hujra (guesthouse for men) nearby were all completely destroyed.


 People gather around and watch a man checking a destroyed building following the  U.S. missile attack. The second photo shows villagers burying a victim. An Agence France Presse photographer in the remote mountainous village said more than 1,000 tribesmen gathered to bury eight people in Damadola, while four more were buried in neighboring villages. Shouting "Death to America" and waving Kalashnikovs, the mourners vowed they would avenge the attacks from the US forces across the border, the photographer witnessed. "This was an attack on us and we will take revenge from the Americans," a mourner, Abu Rehan, told Agence France Presse waving his Kalashnikov. Another villager, Sherzada, said most of the bodies were disfigured beyond recognition. “All the bodies were split into pieces and scattered in the building,” he said in a telephone interview after visiting the destroyed house.

Senior U.S. officials tell NBC News that Wednesday’s Predator attack on a village in northwest Pakistan was not insignificant, that a “high-value target … an Arab” was among those killed. U.S. officials believe the unnamed target was planning attacks outside Pakistan, “so we nailed him,” in the words of one.

Recall too that this area was similarly assaulted by a Predatopr drone at  ~ 3 AM, January 12/13, 2006. For details look at the AVMP data base under the names of:

Hussain Nawaz, boy, 5

Nadia (Mehda) Bibi, girl, 9


 Precisely” killed by two Hellfire missiles fired from a US Predator drone