In memory of


At least one woman

At least two children

4 other civilians

during the night of August 12/13, 2007


in an area between Pachir (Agam) and Sulemankhel in the Agam district, south of Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province. The Sulemankhel Valley in Tora Bora leads into Pakistan over high peaks and was used by Al Qaeda fighters as an escape route in December 2001. U.S.-led forces with close air support struck residences, killing a woman, two children, three other civilians and possibly some resistance fighters. A seventh member of the family was injured but died the following afternoon in the district hospital. The area was immediately cordoned-off (as part of US-Afghan news management) to prevent any independent reporting. In sum, the raid killed at least seven civilians.

U.S. occupation forces and their Afghan trainees (operating separately from NATO) carried out an air and ground assault upon the Tora Bora border area during August 12-25th. Reports filtering out and published by Reuters (not the Associated Pess) said that about 250-400 families had fled the area to other villages and that by August 16th three villages had been bombed killing 30 civilians. Local authorities said that 400 villagers sought refuge in nearby villages of Wazir, Piyada Khel and Agam in the districts of Khogyani and Pachir Agam. A villager, Allah Dad, told Radio Free Afghanistan’s correspondent, that ground and air operations had been incessant, “planes are flying over during the night. We can see the U.S. troops coming and going during the daylight hours.” An elderly resident, Sayed Nabi, added that U.S.-led forces were preventing civilians from leaving the battler zone. At least four civilians injured by U.S. bombs received treatment at a medical facility in the Khogyani district.

U.S. Army military propaganda spokesperson, Captain Vanessa Bowman, at the Bagram propaganda center, proffered, “the targets were carefully chosen to pinpoint enemy positions and eliminate the likelihood of harming innocent civilians.”


Killed by U.S.-led ground forces and close air support bombing