In memory of


At least 7 civilians killed (mostly women and children)

Jamal, 25, died on way to hospital

17 other civilians injured

killed in a pre-dawn bombing raid on November 18/19, 2001

in the village of Gur Koo (Gluco, Gorko?) near Shamshad on the Khyber Pass, south of the main road and about 8 kms west of the Pakistan border in Nangarhar Province. Haji Abdul Qadeer, who had become governor of Nangarhar after the Taliban retreated from the eastern province, told the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) agency that U.S. air strikes in his territory over the past two days hit only civilian populations. "We want the U.S. and its allies to confine their attacks to their enemies. The bombs dropped on Shamshad killed only civilians," he said. An old Afghan mujahedin base, the Aqsa camp of Abdur Rasool Sayyaf, situated about eight kms from Pakistan border, Shamshad was heavily bombed by U.S. warplanes on Sunday and Monday, killing 30 civilians and seven members of the new Nangarhar administration, according to the Pakistan-based AIP news agency. The U.S. bombing strikes targeted some Arabs’ homes but they had departed ten days ago. The village was hit three times beginning at 3 A.M on Sunday. The raid on the 18th had killed as many as 30 possibly and injured 7 who were taken to the EDHI hospital in Torkham where one died. The independent journalist Philip Smucker visited the village on 11/21 and saw shattered homes, wounded animals, etc. Villagers described how huge U.S. bombers had circled overhead for several minutes before dropping their deadly payload. The village elder, Said Un Gul, protested angrily,

“how can this be a mistake? Even the Russians couldn’t kill us because we had time to run from them. We have no way to defend ourselves. This is the 3rd time in two days that our village has been hit.”

Victims of U.S. “precision” bombing attacks