In memory of and sympathy for


 At least 5 civilians killed

7-11 other civilians wounded

on Saturday, October 20, 2007

 in the Yakha Chena (Yaka China) hamlet in the Korengal Valley of the Pech District, Kunar Province as a result of Operation Rock Avalanche (October 19-25th). After a helicopter and U.S.-led occupation force (the 503rd Parachute Regiment of the 173rd Airborne) assaulted a village area, a firefight allegedly ensued with artillery fire and air strikes. A Major Charles Anthony in Kabul, spokesperson for the NATO occupation, said 20 “enemy” fighters had been killed but 11 civilians had also been wounded (and were being treated at the U.S. occupation base, Camp Wright). Anthony trotted out the usual propaganda about Taliban using civilians as human shields. Even the governor of Kunar, one Didar Shalizai, admitted “a civilian” had been killed, whereas village relatives said 5 civilians had died. The photos depict an injured infant and a 27-yr-old mother of three at Camp Wright (photo by Les Neuhaus, Stars & Stripes).


But the true story could not be concealed as news reporters (ABC News/Vanity Fair) had accompanied the U.S. occupation troops into the village of Yaka China. A U.S. air strike had hit a home and killed 5 civilians and injured at least seven others (including children) (photos from ABC News).


Killed and injured in a home destroyed by a U.S. air strike