In memory of


At least 4 civilians killed

Others injured

on December 9, 2006

in a village of the Dawlat Shah district in the mountainous region (21 kms from the provincial capital Mehterlam) of Laghman Province.  U.S/NATO war planes engaged in close air support precision-bombed a home. The local police chief told a news agency that he knew four civilians were killed and others injured. Four months ago, two special forces soldiers of the French occupation troops were killed in an ambush while on a patrol south of Mehterlam. The NATO spokesperson major Dominic Whyte, uttered the usual half-truth, “…there was close air support. No report on civilian casualties.” Some bodies just do not exist.

Google News (accessed at 5:30 AM, December 11, 2006) listed 270 news articles reporting on Karzai's (crocodile) teary spectacle in Kabul, but only 16 were listed as mentioning NATO bombs killing 4 Afghan civilians in Laghman on Saturday.

Killed precisely by U.S/NATO bombing of a home