In memory of


At least 4 civilians

killed on October 17, 2001

 in Khair Khana neighborhood of northern Kabul. U.S. war planes struck the Khair Khana area, bombing military facilities (of the Taliban 16th Army Corps and Al Qaeda’s 55th Brigade), setting fire to the large Mirza Burj fuel depot which blanketed the city in black clouds, and also hitting neighboring homes. Air strikes on continued through the afternoon, mostly in the north of the city.  Four civilians were killed near the burning fuel dept. The photo depicts a destroyed house in Kabul hit on October 17, 2001 (AP photo by Amir Shah, AP). The photo by Reuters shows an unconscious Afghan child on a hospital bed, wounded and burned by a U.S. bomb according to his mother. She said, “he was out shopping when he was hit,” by an exploding fuel dump.  

 victims of U.S. “precision” air strikes