In memory of


At least 23 civilians killed:

Lal Kan’s 11 family members

Taza Gul’s 6 family members

Subhan Khan’s 6 family members

killed in massive night-time bombing on October 9/10, 2001



in the very heavy bombing of Maroof village, 10 kms outside Kandahar city. Huge explosions were reported east of the city around a Taliban military academy and the airport. Buildings miles away trembled from the U.S. bombing attacks. Some U.S. bombs fell upon homes located close to the military targets, killing many family members. Aamir Latif visited Maroof village and reported what he had seen and heard:


Almost the whole village was wiped out. Before bombing, the population was 200 but merely  half of them could escape the sudden death came in the form of 20 to 25 bombs. The gardens of famous Kandahri pomegranate were rooted out.
Thousands of animals were also killed aggravating to the already tottering economic condition of the area people.

"Most of the residents of this village were farmers", said Subhan Khan, a resident of the same village who managed to escape the death last night.  “I suddenly overheard the explosions. I came out from my home, and it as the decisive moment because as I stepped out a bomb hit my home destroying it and killing all my family members".
Subhan's three minor children, wife and aging parents lost their lives in the air strikes which were meant to target military installations and Al-Qaeda’s training camps. I also met another injured Lal Khan, later at General Hospital whose 11 family members died in the attacks. I had no nerve to ask him about the incident. Taza Gul was also being treated on the next bed who lost 6 of his family members. " On the one hand, America is dropping bombs on us and on the other hand it is dropping food packets. We will die of hunger but never accept this food", an emotional Subhan said.



U.S. bombs and rockets