In Sympathy for

Assadullah, 16

Lal Bidal’s son Hazrat, 4

injured on October 8 and 11, 2001


On October 8, 2001, Reuters carried an interview with a 16-year-old ice-cream vendor from Jalalabad injured in a Cruise missile strike on the Jalalabad airfield near his home: "There was just a roaring sound, and then I opened my eyes and I was in a hospital," said the boy, called Assadullah, speaking in Peshawar after being taken across the border for medical help. "I lost my leg and two fingers. There were other people hurt. People were running all over the place".  Assadullah wants revenge for having part of his leg and two fingers taken away by the U.S. missile: “I wish my God destroys their houses, villages, their cities.”

On October 11th, U.S. war planes struck the village of Majpoorbal near Jalalanad, injuring 4-yr-old Hazrat. In the photo, Lal Bidal carries his son, Hazrat, to the X-ray room in a Jalalabad hospital (A.P. photo).


Results of U.S. “precision” bombing around Jalalabad