In memory of


Arbabrahim, 52, a farmer

Amin, 9

died around 9 A.M. on December 21, 2001

Villages west of Herat were heavily cluster-bombed in late October 2001. Abdul Naimís father, Arbabrahim, 52, was killed by a U.S. cluster bomb. The familyís fields near the village of Rabat, about Ĺ hour west of Heart, were sown with bomblets. Some farmers tried to clear their fields, some of them died trying. Out of desperation, Naimís father finally decided in December to take the chance. Using a shovel, Arbabrahim cast three bomblets away successfully, but the fourth exploded. The shrapnel caught him in the throat, killing him instantly. In late February 2002, 9-year-old Amin was killed while collecting firewood in the area when another U.S. bomblet exploded. In the village of Rabat, 1/2 hour west of Herat, 10 civilians died since U.S. bombing ceased (in early November) and February 2002.

 U.S war planes drop cluster bombs