In memory of


Anar Gul, 25, shepherd-farmer

died in the early A.M. of February 11, 2003

The fighting began when U.S Special Forces were ambushed while on patrol and called-in air support. The U.S occupation forces were searching for two Taliban chieftains – Abdul Waheed and Mullah Kabir. Neither was found though at least 17 civilians were killed. Helicopter-borne U.S Special Forces landed with their vehicles near the villages of Lejay, Shina Keli and Robatak in the Baghran Valley, Helmand Province in the dark of morning. Panic ensued in the Lejay village. Able-bodied men fled in fear. One villager Shaista Gul said, “everyone was scared and tried to flee.” 3 of his brothers fled with their sheep to surrounding hills. U.S. Special Forces called-in air support and bombed, killing Anar Gul, 25. Village elders who had gone to meet the U.S. troops were handcuffed. Afghan Militia who often accompany the U.S occupation forces on raids, ransacked and looted a number of homes. A trail of homes were trashed and looted and many families’ breadwinners were hooded and abducted. A villager in Shina Keli told Reuters that he had seen the bodies of 2 women, 2 children and a man in a river bed. Another villager said he had seen the bodies of 8 people, all members of one family. The U.S raid killed 17 Afghan civilians (including women and children). The villagers of Lejay were so embittered after U.S Special Forces spent 10 days in their village, conducting searches, making arrests, that they wrote an open letter to the United Nations mission in Afghanistan. The letter read, “The Americans searched our province. They did not find Mullah Omar, they did not find Osama Bin Laden, and they did not find any Taliban. They arrested old men, drivers, and shopkeepers, and they injured women and children.”

And they killed a shepherd, Anar Gul, 25.

3 villages attacked by an A-10, B1-B, B-52s and U.S and Danish F-16s during two days of “precision” bombing. Twenty 2,000 lb and 5 GBU-12 500 lb “precision” bombs were dropped