In memory of and sympathy for


A mother killed

Her two children killed

Mohammad Ismail, 20, male injured

2 other women injured

3 other children injured


at 9:45 P.M. on August 29/30, 2008


in the outskirts of Kunduz city. Mohammad Ismail was driving home from a wedding party in his Corolla sedan with 8 passengers. German occupation forces and Afghan Army and Police at a checkpoint opened fire upon the Corolla. We know details about this incident because of the independent reporting of the IWPR. Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi of IWPR wrote (12/02/2008),

“It was terrible,” recalled Mohammad Ismail of the night in early September when International Security Assistance Forces, ISAF, mistook his vehicle for that of a suicide bomber. The 20-year-old was driving back from a wedding party on the outskirts of the north-eastern city of Kunduz. “When I drove the car back a few meters, I saw the blood everywhere and everybody was unconscious. I had lost two of my fingers and one bullet had hit my shoulder,” he said. The incident left three of his passengers – one woman and her two children – dead. Ismail, two other women and three children, were also wounded. The shooting is reminiscent of similar incidents elsewhere in the country, where foreign forces have mistakenly struck civilians, leaving Afghans with a growing sense of anger and resentment towards the presence of international troops in the country. Acting on a tip-off to be on the lookout for a Corolla station wagon, German forces from the Kunduz Provincial Reconstruction Team, PRT, together with the Afghan National Army, ANA, and Afghan police, established a checkpoint on the main highway five kilometers east of the city. According to police sources, at approximately 9.45 pm, a Corolla station wagon drove onto the highway from a side road. Alerted to the ISAF presence, the station wagon turned and sped away, and the troops opened fire. The vehicle escaped, but a hail of bullets instead hit Ismail’s Corolla sedan which was behind it. Toyota Corollas are common in Afghanistan and are frequently used by insurgents in suicide attacks. Ismail insisted he had followed the Germans’ instructions. “When the [ISAF troops] issued a warning with lights and the [first] car did not stop, I – as I always do – tried to stop, but…was their response was to fire,” he said.

Akbar Khan, 45, a resident of Khanabad district and the brother of the deceased woman, said, “We thought they had come for our security, but now I think they have come to kill us. We cannot walk freely, [or] celebrate weddings and other parties in our country.”


Killed and wounded by German occupation forces’ ground fire