In sympathy for


A mother, daughter of Abdul Wakil

her new-born baby

the baby’s grandmother

another woman;

a 7-yr-old boy

and his father

injured during the night of April 17/18, 2006

at 11 PM in the town of Ya’qubi (Yaqoobi), some 18 kms north of Khost and in another part of Khost Province in the early morning. A car with a mother, her newborn baby, the baby’s grandmother and another woman, passed a U.S. occupation force convoy, then turned onto a small road leading to their home. The male driver escaped unharmed. Wakil Ahmed, one of the family members, told the BBC: “we were on our way back home from the clinic. The American patrol was driving and as they stopped, we stopped. They started driving, we did the same. As we got close to our house they stopped, and we started driving towards our house. They opened fire on us. Minutes later a translator came to us and asked who we were…” The newborn’s grandfather, Abdul Wakil, who was not injured told Reuters, “my daughter gave birth to the baby on the way to the hospital…she is so young…we told them that they had destroyed our lives and they rushed off without saying anything.” The baby, born just hours earlier, was cut by flying glass; the mother was shot in the chest and another woman in the mouth. Some hours later at 7:50 AM, another car in Khost city was fired upon by a U.S. patrol, injuring a 7-yr-old boy and his father.

Injured by U.S. occupation forces’ patrols