In memory of


Ameena (Amina)’s mother (Bibi Gul), 6 siblings, cousins and aunt

killed in the morning of November 17, 2001.

U.S war planes including wave upon wave of B-52s dropping cluster bombs upon suspected Taliban positions, struck the cities of Kunduz, Khanabad, etc. Refugees from Kunduz reported that B-52s relentlessly bombed civilian neighborhoods for 4 days. Nasiq Mir, a civilian who managed to take his family out, said “people are terrified. Civilians have also been killed so we have left to try to find safety.” Another refugee, Zumeray, said “forty were killed…some of them were burned by the bombs, others crushed by the walls and roofs of their houses when they collapsed from the blast.” U.S bombing forced the medical staff at Kunduz hospital to flee for their safety. A doctor who fled said the staff of doctors went from 30 to 2. Ameena (Amina) was in the kitchen preparing tea and food for the children who were not fasting (Ramadan had started on November 16th ). Suddenly, the whole home cam crashing down. She found herself squatting under a few intact beams. Then room was only rubble and dark. Following a light shining through the wreckage, she managed to crawl out only to find her house completely destroyed. With her uncle and neighbors, they dug through the ruins, finding dismembered body parts. Ameena’s father, Jama Khan, was the only family member found alive under the rubble, pinned down by two beams.  Ameena (Amina) , 8, said an American bomb hit her house in Kunduz, “in one second I lost my mother, my six siblings, my cousins and my auntie. The house fell right on top of them.” Ameena (Amina)’s father, barely alive, was pulled out from under the rubble of his home. Ameena (Amina) adds, “I just wish I could play with my brothers and sisters like I used to, I hate whoever did this to me….I don’t like America.” Mr. Jama Khan said the Taliban had fled two days before the U.S. “precision” bomb attack.

U.S carpet bombing by B-52s, F-16s and other warplanes