In memory of


Ambia Khan Agha, 10

severely injured in the morning of October 15, 2001

in a public park in the city of Kandahar. Ambia and his teammates were kicking a gourd in a soccer game at the park when a U.S. “precision” bomb fell. Ambia recalls, “I was about to kick it (the gourd). We heard planes. We continued playing…the last thing I remember is lying on the ground looking at the gourd. It was broken too.” Ambia spoke from a hospital bed in Quetta. The U.S bomb’s shrapnel had cut a hole in his head. Ambia’s father, Sayed Nadir Shah Agha, had spent his last savings bringing his injured son for medical treatment in Quetta. The photo shows Ambia and his father at the Quetta hospital.

A. U.S “precision” attack upon a public park in Kandahar city