In memory of and sympathy for


A man’s wife

His daughter-in-law

A child

8 other members of the family killed

11-13 other civilian neighbors injured

at 9 A.M., Monday, October 22, 2007


in the Jalrez Valley district of Wardak Province, some 30 kms southwest of Kabul. The Jalrez Valley is inhabited mostly by Pashtuns. A U.S/NATO bombing raid of homes killed 13 civilians of one family and injured another 11-13 neighbors, according to (well-placed) residents who spoke with Reuters and the BBC. Haji Hazrat Janan, Wardak provincial council leader, visited the bombed site and heard testimony. One man said his wife and daughter-in-law were killed in the U.S/NATO “precision” air strike. A dead child was removed from rubble. The only survivor was a hospitalized man who cannot speak.

A NATO spokesperson confirmed the raid and, as usual, denied any civilians were killed – always the first step in U.S/NATO news management practice. The Afghan Army for its part claimed with little credibility having killed 12 suspected Taliban in the Jalrez District. Neither provided any evidence whatsoever.

 Precisely killed and injured by a U.S/NATO air attack