In memory of and sympathy for


A man killed

Two children wounded

killed in the evening of February 22/23, 2008


in the Manogi (Mano Gai) in the Pech district of Kunar Province. According to Bashirullah, a local resident who spoke with the independent Pajhwok Afghan News, “NATO troops” (meaning U.S. occupation soldiers in Kunar) fired into a mountainside area allegedly under control of “militants,” killing a local dweller and injuring his two children. The incident was even confirmed by the new puppet governor of Kunar, Syed Fazal Ullah Wahedi. Both U.S. forces and the U.S. corporate media had nothing to report about the attack – always the first line of defense in their news management. U.S. air and ground attacks have been killing civilians in Mano Gai for years. For example, 5-8 civilians were killed while sleeping during a 2 AM aerial blitz on August 30/31, 2004 (see page herein headlined “5-8 civilians killed...”).


Killed by ground fire of U.S. occupation troops