In memory of


A male teenager killed

Other civilians injured and/or abducted (to a fate unknown – remember Abu Ghraib?)

early on Friday, June 15, 2007

in the Shahjoy district of Zabul province, occupation and Afghan troops allegedly "killed a few militants" (note: the word “militants” often later is shown to be civilians) and detained three others Friday, during an early morning raid upon a compound. During a firefight at the compound, two teenage civilians were caught in the crossfire and suffered gunshot wounds. The occupation forces reported that "a male teenager died from his wounds at the scene." Afghans living in rural areas are generally armed and will resist intrusions by foreigners into their homes and villages, leading to so-called firefights.

 Killed in a raid upon a compound by U.S. and Afghan soldiers

The following photos of a recent US/Afghan raid upon the village of Razbeg, Ghazni province, just north of Shahjoy by Nicolas Asfouri of the Agence France Press (predictably not the Associated Press or Human Rights Watch) captures what such raids look like. Winning hearts & minds?