In memory of



Ali, a 1-yr old boy

Fereshta, a 9-yr old girl

Sahib Dad’s wife (Rahila), 2 other children injured

in the early morning of October 28, 2001


in the sprawling mud-brick slum of Qalaye-Khater near Kabul’s airport. Most men were at morning prayer when a quarter ton of U.S. “precision” weaponry demolished the homes of Gul Ahmed and of Sahib Dad, killing Dad’s two children (Ali,1, and Fereshta, 9) and injuring his other girl, Sajia, 3. Dad’s 3-yr-old daughter suffered injuries to hands and legs while his wife, Rahila, sustained severe head injuries, resulting in a permanent headache. Some weeks later, Sahib Dad recalled the scenes he cannot forget: the boiling, choking cloud of dust, the screams of the wounded, the neighbors’ frantic, bare-handed scramble to extract survivors and bodies from the rubble of simple homes. Dad’s wife and 2 surviving children moved from the hospital to a relative’s home. They cry every day, Sahid Dad lamented, “We must go on with our lives… but this destruction is something we cannot understand.” Sahib Dad later explained what had happened: fighting back tears, he described how his children died. "My little girl had kneeled down in front of the window; she was fascinated by the U.S planes flying over our home. Those were the same planes that took her life minutes later." He wiped a stray tear from his chin, continuing the story. Sahib Dad said his infant son’s body flew halfway across the house when the bomb hit, but he could not recover the little boy’s body before he spent several days digging through rubble. The corpse had ended up tangled in the family’s living room carpet, he said. Photo source:

 This was one of many “Ground Zeros” created by liberating American bombs in Kabul.

 Killed during morning prayer time by a  500-pound U.S. “precision” bomb