In memory of


Ali Nazar, a grandfather

Jawed Norzahie, 27, a de-miner with Halo Trust

Another man

died in June 2002

around the poor village of Deh Wairan in Kunduz Province. A Halo Trust de-miner, Maldud Halimi, said in October 2002 that 74 civilians had to-date been killed by American cluster bombs in Kunduz Province. A man was blown up on a hillside beyond Deh Wairan in June. Villagers spoke to Mr. Halimi. A small boy piped-in that his grand father, Ali Nazar, had died on the hillside after he returned to Deh Wairan in late fall 2001. According to Mr. Halimi’s calculations, he was victim No. 74. Halo Trust’s Jawed Norazhie, 27, father of a 1-yr-old child and married to Nahia, 18, died in July 2002, while defusing UXO’s in Takhar Province. These provinces were heavily cluster bombed in November 2001 as U.S war planes tried to kill assembled Taliban troops.

Unexploded cluster bombs dropped by B-52s flying out of Diego Garcia