In Memory of


Ali Ahmad, a farmer

killed in early AM on November 10, 2001

in the hamlet of Langi Kheil, neat to the village of Denar Kheil in the Shomali Plain. The villages were heavily attacked by U.S warplanes as the Taliban retreated southward from Mazar. A U.S. warplane dropped a cluster bomb which killed Ali Ahmad while he was in Kalai Mohib’s house. At least ten cluster bombs were dropped on and near Denar Kheil, scattering some 2,020 BLU-97 bomlets – across fields, into the village’s winding alleys and amid the 300 mud-brick homes. A huge American bomb crater lay in what was the living room of Karwan’s home, white bomblet parachutes litter the road and yellow bomblet canisters were stuck in a wall (data from Human Rights Watch and Elizabeth Neuffer).

A U.S cluster bomb attack