In Memory of


A homeless man

Gulab Shah, 31, a policeman

on late Sunday, February 18, 2007


killed by Canadian occupation forces in Kandahar city. The Canadian troops had come under fire and stepped on the gas to exit the “kill zone.” One of the damaged vehicles then broke down. A second attack was launched upon the occupation forces. CTV’s Tom Clark reported from Kandahar what followed,


"At that point there was a man across the road from where the convoy had stopped who looked to the Canadian troops to perhaps be threatening," Clark said. The unidentified civilian was killed when he tried to approach a Canadian position that was under fire, despite repeated warnings to stay away. "Locals describe him as being, in essence, a homeless man who was perhaps a little mentally deranged," Clark said. The Afghan National Police officer was killed in the same firefight, Clark reported. The officer, who had been guarding the governor's palace, also opened fire on the civilian, Clark told Newsnet. "But the convoy, seeing him with a gun that was firing, assumed that maybe they were under attack and they shot the Afghan National policeman as well," Clark said. Residents say the officer, identified as 31-year-old Gulab Shah was struck while standing in a concrete or fortified tower that overlooks the governor's palace and another police compound.”


The killing of the beggar and a civilian man two days before by Canadian occupation forces puts the lie to what reporter Graeme Smith wrote (on 05/24/2007), “….in Kandahar province, where Canadian commanders say they haven’t heard any complaints of civilian casualties in 2007.”

Killed by Canadian occupation forces