In Memory of


Ahmad Shah, 20, a student

Khan Mohammad, 12, a student


killed in night of October 30/31, 2001

in the Shahr-i-Nau neighborhood of Kandahar. According to the boys’ father, Haji Mohammad Nazir, head of a family of nine, “it was about 10:00 [P.M.] that the jets came and after two minutes the bomb exploded. I saw my son was falling down. I went to see him, but he was dead. I went to see another one. He was a live for 5 more minutes but also died. Now I am a sad man without sons.” The U.S. “precision” bomb completely destroyed the family home – doors, windows, cupboards, rugs and a car. Report based upon interview on March 19, 2002 with Haji Mohammad carried out by a member of the team of Marla Ruzicka.

Victims of a night-time “precision” strike in civilian-rich area