In memory of


Ali Sajib, 1, a son

Ferishta, 9, a daughter

died at 7 A.M. on Sunday, October 28, 2001

in the poverty stricken Qala-e-Khater neighborhood in the Char Qala district of Kabul. U.S jets dropped “precision” bombs targeting a radar on a hill, but missed. The boms destroyed 3 homes and killed at least 10 civilians – eight in the Gul Ahmed family and 2 in the Dad family. Sahib Dad, the 45-year old father of four, said “I heard the sound of the plane and I came out to see which way it was going…suddenly it bombed our home. I lost two of my children. Two others are in the hospital with my wife. I have lost my home. My only hope now is God.” Sahib Dad’s 1-yr-old son, Ali Sajid and his 9-yr-old daughter, Ferishta, were killed. The bomb injured Sajia, 3, another child and Sahib Dad’s wife, Rahila. Months later, Sahib Dad said, “we have not yet received any kind of sympathy either from the government or anyone else in America.”

U.S warplanes drop Mark 82 500 lb “precision” bombs