In memory of


Agah Lalai’s 11 family members killed:
Grandmother and grandfather
3 brothers
4 sisters
two sons (ages 3 and 5) injured
Agag Lalai, 25, himself injured

killed and injured on the night of May 8/9, 2007

in the village of Gurmaw, Sarwan Qala area of Sangin district in Helmand Province. The area was/is under British occupation. The small village was bombed as usual at night (when most people are sleeping in their homes, thereby maximizing civilian casualties) after earlier fighting between Taliban resistance fighters and occupation forces. U.S. Special Forces called-in the deadly air strike. The victims were part of the 50-80 villagers killed (Afghan villagers reported that 80 had died). The youngest killed was 8, the oldest 80. Crawling out of the rubble  of his home at night, Agah Lalai discovered that 11 family members had been precisely bombed to death. The 25-yr old man (photo above) asked, “why do NATO lie to us? They say they can differentiate between the Taliban and civilians but they destroyed my family, my home, my life…I have nothing left. NATO cannot rule us like this. So long as there is just one 4-day old boy remaining alive Afghans will fight against the people who do this to us.” The report is based upon information provided by Anthony Lloyd of the Times (London). 

Indiscriminate night-time US/NATO bombing called-in by U.S. Special Forces