In memory of


Noorullah, a father

His young son


in the evening of May 18, 2006

in the city of Herat. Nervous U.S. occupation forces unleashed a torrent of fire upon a lorry when it “came too close” to their vehicles. Once again, the only result was the death of civilians, this time a father and his younger son. Dr. Muhammadi at the Heart regional hospital confirmed receiving the body of Noorullah with several shots in the chest. Muhammad Daud, the younger brother of Noorullah, mourned the deceased, saying he was the only breadwinner of the family, and shouted “death to Americans.” The day before, a suicide bomber had killed a U.S. occupation anti-narcotics member in the area. We know about this because of the independent reporting by Reuters, Pajhwok News and the Afghan Islamic Press (not the Associated Press).

Killed by gun fire from nervous U.S. occupation troops