In sympathy for



A civilian woman (injured)




in the middle of the night, March 7/8, 2006

in the village of Sen Afghan in the mountainous Zir Koh district of Farah Province. On Sunday, March 5th, six armed men had stopped the car of a United Nations Habitat staff worker, dragged him out and shot him dead. Members of the U.S. military stationed at an operating base located at the former Soviet Shindand air base, accompanied by Afghan National Army forces, stormed a house in the middle of the night. Apparently, a dog began barking and the attacking troops started firing, injuring a woman in the house. In January 2006, U.S. forces had raided a hamlet in Zir Koh, abducted a former local commander, and he has not been heard from since disappearing into the network of U.S. prisons.

Members of either a U.S. military police unit or of the U.S 7th Special Forces unit stationed at Shindand operating base