In memory of and sympathy for



A civilian woman

A child (injured)




killed during night of March 8/9, 2006

in the village of Kandi Bagh, Chaprhar (Chaparhar) district, Nangarhar Province, 20 kms south of Jalalabad. According to both the press officer of the Nangarhar police and to district chief, Haji Azam Khan, U.S. aircraft bombed a house in the village of Kandi Bagh south of Jalalabad. Afghan National Army troops had approached the house seeking to get the inhabitants to surrender. An exchange of gunfire ensued. The ANA could not dislodge the persons inside and U.S. tactical aircraft responded. They bombed the house (see Reuters photo above), killing two persons including a woman and injuring two others (including a child).

More civilian victims of a U.S. “precision” tactical air strike

in the middle of night