In memory of 

Haji Abdul Rahman, 62, civilian man on a motorcycle

killed at 12:30 noon-time on December 12, 2006

in the Naway Shar locality of Kandahar city. A Canadian occupation force soldier fired upon a man riding a motorcycle. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Mr. Haji Rahman, 62, an elder, was on his way to join the delegation of tribal leaders that was scheduled to meet with Karzai to discuss with him civilian casualties caused by NATO. Rahman’s brother-in-law said, “Everyone knew him here. Nobody could shoot him. This is very terrible.” The Canadians concocted the usual story that allegedly a warning shot ricocheted hitting the driver. In civil society were that true, the criminal charge would be manslaughter. The incident fittingly took place as Karzai was riding in a motorcade close by on a visit to Kandahar to discuss civilian casualties with the NATO occupation force commanders.  

Killed by a Canadian occupation soldier