In Memory of a


Sadozay’s 3 children

Sadozay’s wife

An elderly man

2-4 other civilians killed

3 civilians wounded

on August 10, 2008


in Khas Uruzgan district of Uruzgan Province. Resistance fighters ambushed an occupation patrol which, as usual, called-in close air support (CAS). CAS bombed a structure with the predictable result: 6-8 dead civilians including a child, an old man, youths and others (including possibly some Taliban) according to Juma Gul, the police chief. An independent report published September 18, 2008 by Anand Gopal in the Christian Science Monitor noted that Sherafadeen Sadozay had lost 3 children and his wife to an aerial attack in Uruzgan at about that time. Sadozay concluded, “But now we don’t think America is here to help us. If the Taliban bring peace, we will support them.”


The US propaganda center at Bagram said that “militants” had held “11 non-combatants hostage” in the “compound.” Evidence? None. We are asked to believe without evidence. So, the occupation forces dropped a bomb on an enemy position and the result was 6-8 more dead civilians. As usual, the Associated Press headlined the tall-tale put out at Bagram: US coalition kills 8 held hostage by insurgents. ( ).

Killed precisely by a US CAS bomb