In memory of


About 64 civilians, including:

Dastagir’s 12 family members

Rahmatullah’s cousin, 40, a taxi driver

killed during September 19-23, 2007


in a major offensive carried out by British-led troops in Helmand Province. The only reason we know about these concealed massacres is because of the courageous, independent reporting of Enrico Piovesana and the staff at the Emergency Hospital in Lashkar Gah. Instead of the military’s version of hundreds of Taliban killed, some 60-70 civilians were slaughtered over the four day period. Piovesana wrote,


“During an air bombing against the village of Haidarabad, 20 km north-east of Grishk, along the Helmand river, three houses were destroyed and 30 civilians were killed. Another air raid hit the neighboring village of Mirmandau, on the other side of the river, destroying the house of someone called Dastagir and killing all his 12-member family, including children and women. In both cases, NATO soldiers isolated the villages and took the bodies away”. NATO reports claim that US F-15, A-10 and Predator aircrafts, and British Harrier fighters hit several “enemy hideouts” near Gereshk with 225-kilo “Asphalt” bombs and Hellfire missiles, “achieving the expected results”… Another bombing took place in Garmsir, approximately 50 km south of Lashkar Gah. “Here Emergency sources say- NATO troops carried out a blitz search looking for rebels. When the soldiers left the city, the Taliban arrived and imprisoned some civilians charged with being spies. During the night, air forces bombed the prison and killed 22 people, including Rahmat’s cousin”. In this case, the NATO report states that A-10 aircrafts dropped 225-kilo bombs against an “enemy building” and destroyed it in Garmsir.”



Killed in U.S/NATO bombing and ground attacks