In memory of and sympathy for



Abdul Wali Nabi, 10

Abdul Ali Nabi, 12, injured




killed on Friday, September 17, 2004




in a remote village in Uruzgan Province. U.S occupation forces based at Camp Anaconda, one of thirty U.S. forward operating fire bases, were on patrol. They allegedly heard mortar fire in a nearby valley and headed in that direction. They spotted two running figures in the distance and fired. When they approached the fallen “enemy,” they discovered they had shot Abdul Wali, 10, through the head and hit his brother, Abdul Ali, 12, in the leg. Young boys would run from approaching troops in the distance, no? In an unusual gesture, the U.S. military apologized on Saturday, September 18th for the death and injury. On Sunday morning, Abdul Nabi, the boys’ father, sat nursing his surviving son at Kandahar military hospital. Holding Ali’s wounded leg in his hand, he said, “How can this be a mistake? A mistake is shooting one person. Not two. If they are shooting our children how can we be their friends?”



Killed by U.S. occupation forces of Alpha Company, 25th Infantry Division, based in Hawaii