In memory of


Abdul Wali, 28

died on June 23, 2003

at the U.S. forward fire base located 10 miles south of Asadabad. The base is manned by U.S. Special Forces and numbers about 500 occupation troops. Abdul Wali, 28, from Gangal village had turned himself in at the Kunar Governor’s office on June 21st when he heard he was suspected of being involved in rocket attacks upon the U.S. base. Wali was handed over to CIA operatives at the U.S. base. One such, David Passaro, has been charged with killing Wali. The beatings – hitting with objects, being held underwater, sleep deprivation – led to Wali’s death 3 days later. Passaro, a contracted CIA operative, is a former Green Beret (Special Forces) medic, U.S. Army Ranger and a policeman from Hartford (who was discharged in 1990 for assault). Photos were released of the beaten-up dead victim, Abdul Wali, at the trial in August 2006 of CIA-employee, David Passaro

A contracted CIA operative at the U.S base in Asadabad, Kunar