In memory of


Abdul Wahed, 28

on November 6, 2003

at the U.S Special Forces base, A-Camp Price, in the town of Gereshk, Helmand Province. On the evening of November 3, 2003, members of the Afghan Militia Force (AMF) which works alongside U.S Special Forces, arrived at the Mr. Wahed’s home, just a kilometer down the hill from the U.S base, according to his father, Haji Aminullah, and abducted Wahed. Three days later, Abdul Wahed was dead. Two months later, the same Afghan soldiers dumped his tortured body outside the Wahed home. The Americans admitted he was innocent and said “we are sorry.” The photo depicts some of the U.S. Special Forces at A-Camp Price, Gereshk, Helmand (from  ).

Afghan Militia Forces and U.S Special Forces at the Gereshk base