In memory of


Abdul Wahab, 22

Rustam, 22

Ghulam Dastagir, 25

Taj Mohammad, 35

Mea Rahman, 25

Abdul Wali, 22

Omer Khan, 30

Noor Hassan, 32

Diegel Khan, 20

Jumah, 35

Sahib Khan

Rahmat Gul, 21

Hafta Gul, 18, brother of Rahmat

killed during the night of May 8/9, 2005

in the village of Kandi in the Alishing district of Laghman Province. After an engagement with insurgents on Sunday, May 8th, U.S. forces called-in air strikes to bomb caves and villages. A resident of Alishing, Gul Khan, asserted that women and children were also among the victims. The U.S. night-time air assault on Kandi village killed 13 and also injured 4 civilians who were transferred to Bagram for treatment. Many of those killed lived in Televi Peteo village. The photo depicts Taj’s injured father, Fazal, at a hospital in Quetta on October 14, 2001, with his father-in-law (Reuters photo).

A night-time U.S. “precision” air strike