In memory of

Abdul Shakor, Bibi’s 55-yr-old brother

Abdul Shakor’s wife

A boy, Matiullah, 16

Abdul Halim’s neighbor, a man

A woman from the village, of Rauf

killed on Mo/Tues night, August 8/9, 2005

in a U.S. ‘precision’ bombing raid upon the remote village of Rauf in the Day Chopan district, Zabul Province. A weeping Sadia Bibi, 50, at the Qalat hospital, said “the children were crying and they were very afraid…these planes killed my relatives. We are poor and innocent people. Why are they killing us?” Bibi’s 20-yr-old daughter Najiba Bibi and 1 ½-month old grandson were injured by flying bricks. Bibi’s brother, Abdul Shakor, 55, and his wife were killed along with a 16-yr-old boy, Matiullah. A relative who brought the injured to the Qalat hospital, Abdul Halim, 35, said his neighbor’s house had been flattened, killing a man who lived there. A doctor at Kandahar hospital reported three injured women from Rauf were brought for treatment but one died. U.S. military spokeswoman, Lt. Cindy Moore, reported (as usual) that “intelligence” indicated there had been no civilian casualties.

Victims of a night-time U.S. “precision” bombing attack