In memory of


Abdul Rahim, 15

Nur Mohammad, 7

Hal Mohammad, 5

and 7 other civilians

died in the spring of 2002

in the small farming village of Mengchuqur, 25 kms west of Khoje Ghar in Takhar Province. U.S B-52s cluster bombed the town area in November 2001 seeking to kill Taliban soldiers. Early in spring, 3 young boys – Abdul and his cousins, Nur and Hal – found a partially buried U.S cluster bomb. Curious, they threw a stone at it. The explosion killed Abdul and Nur instantly. Hal died a few hours later in a local clinic. Khudai Kul, father of Abdul Rahim, 15, said, “I had one son and he’s gone. Now I have a white beard. We have no food, no land, no animals. I had one son. That is all.” The Halo Trust reported 10 civilians had been killed in Mengchuqur in 2002 by unexploded U.S cluster bombs.

Unexploded U.S cluster bombs dropped by B-52s flying out of Diego Garcia