In memory of


Abdul Nasir’s playmate (a young boy) 

died on December 7, 2001

Near the village of Ishaq Suleiman, 5 kms northwest of Herat. Two young boys on a visit to a relative’s family decided to climb up a nearby hill. They came across a small yellow-painted metal canister with a little parachute attached at one end.  One of the boy’s father, Mohammed Hussein, said, “they thought it was food, but they couldn’t open it. They hit it with a stone and bashed it against a wall.” The canister then shot into the air. When the boys picked it up again, it exploded. One boy died instantly. His body was shredded beyond recognition. Abdul Nasir, 14, suffered a broken jaw and one of his hands was sliced between his two middle fingers (photo above).  The boys had picked up a U.S. CBU-87 cluster bomblet, a weapon killing indiscriminately. In the village of Sakhsalmun close to a former Taliban camp near Herat, four people were killed in Oct-November 2001 by bombs which missed their target. Another child died there when s/he picked up an unexploded bomblet. The external sheathing of the CBU-87 fragments into metal slivers which can penetrate 6 millimeters of steel at 11 meters, destroy a normal soft-skinned vehicle at 50 meters, and kill at up to 150 meters.

An unexploded BLU-95 cluster bomblet